I'm Anneli


I'm a writer, podcast host and collector of striped t-shirts. 

I know that it isn't easy to live with a chronic illness, I myself have had anxiety for as long as I can remember and was diagnosed with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder after an abusive relationship, which is why I started this blog in March 2017. 

By sharing our experiences and uniting against stigma, I'm hoping we can make a real difference and make it easier for someone somewhere to keep on fighting. 


It hasn't always been easy for me to document my journey, and there have been some massive setbacks along the way, but I stay motivated by your support and kind words. 

I am truly open to connecting with people (and I'm way less scary/repressed than I used to be!), so please don't feel shy about getting in touch. 

I'm on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook and you can email me at anneli@pigletish.com too, if you'd like to be pals. Your messages and comments really do make a difference to how my day is going. 

Please remember: I'm trying to make a difference. 

I can make the biggest difference I possibly can by reaching the most people that I possibly can, and to do that I need your help. 

Every single time you share my links, there's a chance it might reach someone who really needs it. You've all been great so far, please keep this up. 



Just wanted to say I’m loving your blog. I’ve been going through some stuff lately and sometimes you seem to post just at the time I need to know someone else is or has felt that way and I’m not being crazy
— Message from reader (Sept 2017)
I adore you It’s like reading what I’ve thought. Thank you for being such a beautiful voice.
— Reader turned friend (Sept 2017)
Thank you so much... Anxiety is a complicated dickhead.
— Perceptive reader (June 2017)
Just a quick message to thank you for your posts on anxiety, they’ve really helped me lately.
— Quick message from reader (May 2017)
Hey there - I just wanted to say thank you and to keep up the excellent work with your blog. [...] reading your blogs over the last few days has helped keep perspective. Thanks
— Reader message (May 2017)
Anneli, did you finish packing yet?
— Dad (August 2017)
You are the wind beneath my wings.
— Billie Geena (Every day)