New Years Resolutions


I don’t know about you, but I am exactly the same person as I was BEFORE I started opening up to my family and friends (and the internet) about my panic attacks, anxiety disorder, PTSD and history of anorexia. I am the same brave, sassy, open, STRONG queen as I was before; except now I wear inner crown on my sleeve.


It’s hard to explain how free those five words have set me this year, but my mind and soul have grown so much since I started this blog in March. More importantly, being able to connect with people with similar stories has inspired me and definitely accelerated my recovery from PTSD.

Talking about mental health has helped me recognise strength in its different forms, accept vulnerability in myself and others and challenge intolerance.

If you intend to make a New Years Resolution this year, please make one that allows you to take the time you need for Self Care in 2018.

Believe me, by looking after your mental well-being, you’re going to make it so much easier to choose and reach for your other goals.

I have spent 2017 falling in love with my brain and, as trying as it has been at times, I can’t imagine anything ever being more rewarding.


If you’re stuck for inspiration for New Years Resolutions, here are ideas for some things you could work on in 2018:


  1. Learn to live up to your own expectations; not the expectations of others
  2. Celebrate the success of others, celebrate your own success even harder
  3. Break negative behavioural cycles
  4. Add something healthy into your routine (try meditation, yoga, mindfulness or breathing exercises)
  5. Avoid avoidance
  6. Focus on your sleep cycle
  7. Find something that brings you pure joy
  8. Get outside
  9. Be kind to others, be as kind to yourself
  10. Stop shaming yourself for your illness
  11. Reach out when you’re in need
  12. Open up to someone you love
  13. Put yourself into a safe situation that you long for but that scares you
  14. Tell someone something you like about yourself
  15. Stop apologising for the space you’re taking up in the world
  16. Accept a compliment
  17. Enjoy being alone
  18. Unfollow social media accounts that make you feel like you’re not good enough. Follow accounts that support and inspire you.
  19. Work your mind, rest your mind
  20. Love. 


I’m not saying you shouldn’t quit smoking and lose weight, I’m saying that your mental health is as important and your physical health.

Your mind is a loved one that you’ll always have, so do everything you can to work with it rather than against it. Even if you make slow progress, it’s so much better than no progress at all.

Mental health is a lifelong journey, not a race to the finish line. Play the long game.

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