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A biggie.

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Hey guys, this week the podcast changed in a way that was sudden, unexpected and unplanned. For this reason, I’ve decided that (rather than forcing an episode) I’m skipping a week and resuming next Tuesday. Believe me when I say that I am sorry and that I HATE missing a week so soon into series 2 of the podcast. I’m going to try to explain what’s happened in this post… but honestly, I’m not sure how much explanation I actually have.

I had planned an episode to talk about online bullying, uninvited DMs and triggers of the internet, but when I sat down with Sarah to start recording - something didn’t quite feel right.

This podcast is about speaking up about mental health and mental illness and about giving you guys the chance to share your stories - it isn’t about me telling someone else’s truth. But what I will say is this:

Sarah has made the decision to stop co-hosting the podcast.

I wish I had more insight to give, but I just don’t know the full ins and outs of it myself. Once I understand it, I’ll share it with you. I know that Sarah hasn’t been coping very well for a while now - and from what I can gather she doesn’t feel up to putting her energy into something like this at the minute.

I’m supportive of anyone making the decision to put their health and happiness first and, as someone who lives with Sarah, I can tell that she needs to make some changes right now in order to improve her mental health and recover. I’m grateful that I have such supportive listeners because I know that this is something you’ll understand too.

We did actually try to record an episode still, but it was roughly 1 minute after she’d told me this was happening - and neither of us have had the time to process yet.

Although I now can’t create an episode this week - planning, researching, recording and editing all take A LOT of time - I am 100% still going to keep making the podcast and I’m just hoping that you all continue to listen and show me the amazing level of support that you have.

the new pigletish podcast artwork (thank you to Claire at Aloha Lola for the caricature)

the new pigletish podcast artwork (thank you to Claire at Aloha Lola for the caricature)

Sarah and I always knew that eventually she would step back from pigletish, but just maybe not so suddenly and certainly not mid-series. Mental health is complex though and there’s no shame in feeling overwhelmed and needing to focus on you.

I’m sure this isn’t the last you’ll EVER hear from her on the podcast, but for now it’s toodle pip from her. I’m also sure, like me, that you’ll be wishing her the VERY BEST with her recovery. We love you, Sarah!

I’ve always planned to eventually take the podcast and blog up a notch and put my energy into travelling to meet other mental health advocates and awesome people and, while I’m sad I don’t get to have Sarah podcast with me once a week anymore, in a way it does give me the kick up the ass I need to make this stuff happen. There are no excuses anymore, I’m coming for ya!

Oh, just some kind of related notes - while I’m here

1) No, I’m not looking for another co-host right now - this came as a huge shock to me. Although with hindsight (perfectly clear and yet useless), I should have maybe foreseen this and prepared a little bit for it; I truly didn’t see this coming and all I can do now is learn from it. If this changes, I’ll let you know.

2) I am processing this news - and while I know some of you might have questions - I don’t want to be reminded of all the answers I don’t have as I try to get my head around it myself. And yes, I am upset about it - but I am rooting (routing?!) for Sarah and want her to be happy. With her permission, I will keep you up to date with how she’s doing - and obviously now is the time where she needs me as a best friend and not as a co-host.

AND 3) In next week’s episode, you’ll get the chance to meet the mental health professional that I’m working with on the podcast from now on* - I’ve been wanting to put certain questions to an expert for a while now, so that anything unanswered in an episode can be properly addressed (rather than having just me speculate about it and potentially share misinformation). I’m happy to announce that I’ve found the sweetest and most perfect person to help with this part of the show - she’s called Molly Scott (go follow her on Twitter), she has a BSc in Psychology and MSc Forensic in Psychology and she’s a Gryffindor (giving you ALL the important details, haha!) and one of the nicest easiest people to talk to - YOU ARE GOING TO LOVE HER.

*this actually WAS planned and is totally separate to Sarah leaving the podcast

So… that’s it. That’s the news. Again, I’m sorry that we’re missing a week BUT I hope that you’ll understand.

I love you.

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