Birthday Blues


I really hate birthdays, especially my own. The only birthday I really ever enjoy is Jesus’ tbh. 

It’s been a tough time of year for me since mum died. The timed it’s really easy to miss her are the “family times” and she used to make a pretty big deal about my birthday so it kind of hurts a lot that she’s not here to make a fuss anymore.  

On the other hand, I don’t really like big social occasions and I feel uncomfortable with the idea that my birthday is a chore to other people, so I always seem to try my best to ignore the fucker and hope it goes away.  

Weirdly, I’m not bothered by the ageing aspect of it, which I know does bother a lot of people, but I really believe that age brings wisdom and I am a big fan of personal growth. 28 seems like an OK age, and I’m full committed to finally accepting that I’m now in my MID TWENTIES. Ahem. 

Anyway, my bday phobia was exacerbated by my shitty ex boyfriend, who on one Birthday got me a big fat fucking nothing. 

But despite being more than a little disappointed by the lack of presents I got that year, it got me thinking... I really don’t need gifts to make a birthday a birthday.  

This Christmas, after spending most of the day seeing the very best of Twitter (using Sarah Millican’s #JoinIn) I realised that PEOPLE ARE AMAZING. People are what I love. I made a commitment to make more memories and make less landfill, by asking people not for material things but for kindness. 

I’d much rather have an hour or two with a loved one, a walk or a chat over a cup of tea or a even a whole day of just sitting together, nursing a beer and avoiding eye contact, than I would have any number of physical tangible things. 

This year - instead of buying me something - I’d like it if you could all do me a small favour. Spend a few minutes reading my blog, or listening to my podcast and then ask yourself:

“Is this something that I could add value to?”

I’m so very serious about trying to reach as many people as I possibly can, and to do that I need your help. I have spent so much time and money promoting this site, but nothing is as effective as when you lot get involved in spreading the word. 

So please, I implore you. Share a post on your social media. Leave a review on Apple Podcasts for one of my episodes. Send my link in a message to someone who might need it. Tweet a celebrity who is pro mental illness awareness. Leave some comments. 

That really would mean the world for me on my birthday. I can’t do this on my own.  





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