Crippling stomach pains and Generalised Anxiety Disorder

I really can’t deal with how many stomach problems go hand in hand with having GAD. Why is my stomach even getting involved with something that I’m told time and time again is “just in my head”?!

and honestly, the stomach pains just contribute to the anxiety because they make me worry about serious illnesses that have stomach pain listed as a symptom

and heartburn.

Some days it feels like I’m just popping Rennie after Rennie for fun. Today is one of those days. Maybe it’s Birthday Eve anticipation. Maybe it isn’t. Either way I hate it. 

I know normally I’d come out with some positive “turn it around” story at the end of this kind of post. But I don’t feel like it today. I just feel shit. I guess that’s OK. 


Anneli RobertsComment