#SelfCareTogether - October Self Care Challenge

Hi there,

So many of you responded to the tweet about my idea for running a self care challenge throughout October, so I decided to plough on and get my shit together. I’ve never hosted anything this big on social media before, and I know many of you haven’t ever participated in this type of “challenge” before either - which I think means it warrants a post explaining the deets. Here I am. Hi!


Why are we doing this?

I’m guilty of not spending enough time on self care (at least not consistently) - and I think it’s really important that I sort that out ASAP. I’m also hearing from you guys that you’re finding it just as tough to get into a self care routine of your own - so what better way to do this than together?

I’m hoping that by following a set list of tasks to complete and by chatting to each other about the obstacles we encounter and overcome, we’re able to hold each other accountable and provide each other some much needed support. I’m at my best when I’m with you lot, so forgive me for making you tag along.

Also, we’re doing this because I’m actually excited to get to do something WITH YOU - it’s such a shame we can’t all be geographically closer and spend our days together, I’m so pumped that I’ll get to share this with you all.

What is #SelfCareTogether?

Good question. At the minute #SelfCareTogether is a hashtag that I have created for the purposes of keeping us all on track for the self care challenge. I suppose what it becomes in the future will depend on what you make of it now…

The challenge will start on October 1st (this coming Monday) and span the whole of the month. It consists of self care related tasks for us to complete (1 per day), which are manageable but are designed to push you a little (otherwise what’s the point).

It isn’t hardcore - if you miss a day or find a challenge triggering that’s totally cool and OK with me, it doesn’t mean you can’t just join in the next day at all. What’s important is that you’re making time to care for yourself - sometimes that does mean doing stuff you don’t want to - but I think you’ll surprise yourself with just how much of this list you can achieve. Let’s take it day by day.

How do I join in?

There’s no need to sign up, fill in any forms or do any admin whatsoever - you simply join in!

While there’s nothing stopping you from playing along and keeping that entirely to yourself, I think that the fact we’re doing this TOGETHER is a big part of why it’s going to work.

Ultimately, what you need to do is follow the list of daily tasks and post about your achievements using the hashtag #SelfCareTogether (bonus points for photos, but they’re not necessary). I’m going to be chatting to all of you using the hashtag every day and sharing my fave posts with my followers, so feel free to tag me in your posts on Twitter or Instagram.

Is it necessary to share photos/selfies?

Absolutely not. Share whatever you feel comfortable sharing, a tweet will suffice.

Is it free?

As with any of the content I create, it’s totally free. If you do want to show me some support and can afford to, feel free to buy me a coffee (tea, probably) - it always brings me a smile, but it’s absolutely not necessary.

What are the daily challenges?

Now you’re talking. I’ve split the month into 4 weeks (+3 days because October is loooooooooong), each focusing on a different aspect of self care.

Week One is all about getting the basics in place and making sure you are making the time each day to actually do something self care related. Monday’s task is to leave the house - something incredibly important and that you should be doing every single day (I am OK with you only making it as far as your doorstep, but get that fresh air into your soul).

Week Two is mindfulness and wellbeing and all about appreciating what you see, what you hear, what you feel etc. I’m looking forward to making myself have some quiet time, something I’m really bad at remembering to do.

In Week Three we’re focusing on social and support, making sure that we’re getting stimulation, human contact and reaching out when we need to. This is low-key the week I’m most excited for, because it means spending more time with YOU (my fave).

Week Four is about investing in yourself - we’re going to be trying to learn and create and spend time with ourselves, which is a really important aspect of self care. The more you invest in yourself, the more appealing caring for yourself and spending time with yourself becomes.

The full list of challenges is at the bottom of this post, but feel free to save these cute graphics on your phone as a reminder but also as a way to let other people know about the challenge (please post them to your social media - and help raise awareness).


Here’s the full list of daily challenges. Don’t forget to use #SelfCareTogether on each post and to tag me on twitter @pigletish and/or instagram @pigletish_

Week One: Self Care Basics

  1. Go outside

  2. Eat something nutritious

  3. Venture further out

  4. Shower/Bath

  5. Life admin

  6. Social media cleanse

  7. Focus on drinking enough water

Week Two: Mindfulness & Wellbeing

8. Read something

9. 15 minutes of peace

10. Listen

11. Find a quiet place

12. Look up

13. Focus

14. Meditate

Week Three: Social & Support

15. Join me for a tea

16. Reach out to a friend

17. Be in public

18. Talk to a stranger

19. Spend time with a loved one

20. Push yourself

21. Join in with a conversation

Week Four: Investing in Yourself

22. Do something you’ve been putting off

23. 30 minutes of “me”

24. Be creative

25. Exercise

26. Learn something

27. Set some goals for tomorrow

28. Achieve those goals

Bonus Days

29. Indulge

30. Relax

31. Reflect

I’m so excited to have you come along on this self care journey, hopefully we can get some really healthy habits underway and have fun while we do so. Thank you so much for being a part of this

- Anneli