Netflix & Chill: 10 Shows for Your Tough Days

When I’m feeling a post-anxiety slump or life is getting on top of me, I like nothing more than a good PJ day with my dog and a decent takeaway. It’s 2019 and I feel like Netflix has become a staple part of any kind of day spent indoors and I’m sure many of you, like me, couldn’t imagine life without it.

To celebrate the launch of Panasonic’s OLED 4K TV, they asked me “what are you favourite binge-worthy shows?” and, as someone who has relied on box sets to see me through some of my absolute WORST times, I was more than ready to give it a go.

10 Netflix* Shows to see you through the tough times:

1. Crazy Ex Girlfriend

I haven’t recommended this show to a single person who hasn’t LOVED it. The brilliant Rachel Bloom wrote the show and also stars as Rebecca Bunch in this satirical musical comedy. Doug, my dog initially chose this show (I kid you not, when he was a teeny pupper the show auto-played on Netflix and it was THE ONLY thing that would soothe him to sleep), but it turns out that Doug has some pretty solid taste in TV because, 2 or 3 episodes in, I became totally hooked. Seriously, I dare you to watch 3 episodes and not be sold.

Aside from the outrageous plot, the series will expose you to some of the catchiest parody tunes of all time and if you don’t know the UTI song off by heart by the end of series 1, then I don’t know who you are or what you stand for - or if I even want to know anymore. The show also tackles mental health issues head on in series 3 and manage to keep it comedic but also very real.


2. Gilmore Girls

I am firmly of the belief that there isn’t a single one of life’s problems that isn’t answered somewhere in an episode of Gilmore Girls. In fact, even if I have found one from time to time, I’m sure that letting me sink into the small-town-America life that is the weird and wonderful Stars Hollow has been comforting and distracting enough to give me at least temporary relief fro the problem.

For those of you who haven’t seen it (why?!) it’s absolutely the most reliable box set for being heartwarming, uplifting and trigger-free. If you have seen it, who is your favourite character? (any answer that isn’t Kirk is WRONG.)

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3. QI

The BBC’s QI (Quite Interesting) has been a long time fave of mine. It helped me through some super tough times and is funny AND educational. It does make for some seriously annoying quiz moments though when you realise that a bunch of the things the whole world assumes to be true are absolutely NOT. Watch it for the banter between Alan Davies and my ‘real dad’ Stephen Fry, and later Sandi Toksvig, if nothing else.


4. Jonathan Creek

I LOVE detective shows. I could probably have just listed a bunch of police dramas and detective shows and shut my laptop, but I really wanted to give you guys some options (because NOT listening to my recommendations is absolutely not one of the options available to you). So instead I have chosen my absolute number 1 must-watch detective show and it’s Jonathan Creek.

Most episodes are stand alone mysteries, with inventor of magic tricks, Jonathan Creek, deliciously unravelling the details surrounding a case, until he has worked out whodunnit and how. If you enjoyed the thought process of Sherlock Holmes, you will absolutely love this show.


5. Peep Show

This show is addictive. I think I’ve watched Peep Show from start to finish 4 or 5 times now and it’s just pure gold. It’s relatable and cringey and uncomfortable and awkward and everything you now know me to be. I would honestly LOVE to share a flat with the main characters, Mark and Jez. Also, what a theme tune.

6. The Good Place

A fairly new addition to my list, because it’s a fairly new show but WOW this one is such easy watching, feel good, sweet TV. The plot is twisty and unpredictable, the concept is bizarre but brilliant and the cast are stellar - I can’t NOT watch Jameela Jamil as Tahani Al Jamil and Kristen Bell as Eleanor Shellstrop might be the biggest crush I had in 2018.

The show also brings you a whole new level of swearing, and who wouldn’t want that?  (Son of a bench)


7. You, Me, Her

This show is a beautifully relatable exploration of polyamory and female bisexuality. It’s also seriously hot. You, Me, Her follows a married couple as they attempt to navigate the highs and lows of opening their relationship up to newcomer, Issy, who they’ve both fallen for. The show perfectly balances a gripping and interesting plot with honesty and awkwardness that all relationships encounter in one way or another.

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8. Miranda

This show seems to be like Marmite although I can’t understand why some people are so put off by it and I personally find it hilarious. I love the over-the-top farse style comedy and actually find Miranda uncomfortably easy to relate to. This show got me through a really tricky break up when I was younger - the utter ridiculousness of it is the perfect antidote to real life woes.

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9. RuPaul’s Drag Race

You haven’t lived until you’ve watched Drag Race. A good friend introduced me to this show and it has become one of my staples. The advice they gave me was “Start at series 4, work forward and then go back and watch the first 3” and they were so right about this - so I’ll pass that on to you now.

Keep your eye out for some of my favourite queens: Adore Delano, Bianca Del Rio, Aquaria, Ivy Winters, Alaska and PEARL LIAISON (who is just so dreamy, both in and out of drag) and please let me know what you think.

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10. It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia

This show is about 4 terrible people who own and run a bar together and it is hilarious from the off - it gets even better after Danny Devito joins the cast in series 2. I became so obsessed with this show that I spent one New Year’s Eve recreating the famous Chardee MacDennis game that the gang play and believe me when I say:

You should absolutely do this

You should absolutely NOT do this


I mean both of these pieces of advice sincerely.

How about you? What are your go-to shows of choice? I had to leave loads of faves off this list and it made me v sad not to include some of them (Mock the Week, anyone?). If you have a favourite show for rough times and tough days, I’d love to hear it - please leave a comment below!

with love,

anneli xoxo

#Ad: This post has been paid for by Panasonic, but the content/ viewpoint is my own and has not been influenced in any way. I do not get a PPC commission from you clicking on the embedded link to their website and will not receive any reimbursement if you make a purchase, after being referred from my site.

* also worth noting that I am a resident of the UK and all of these shows are currently available on UK Netflix, but may not be available in your country of residence.

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