Dear person reading this,


Dear person reading this letter,

I understand that life can be difficult and I hope that this letter finds you well. There are so many obligations and obstacles in life, it’s absolutely OK to feel exhausted and fed up. It’s to be expected.

The world, though magical, can be full of burden and weight and carrying these things can be stressful and difficult and incredibly lonely.

You’re not alone though.

The world is full of people who feel just like you, and who are looking for some kindness and comfort too. And sometimes all anyone is looking for is a break. That’s totally OK, you should never feel guilty about that.

Please remember that social media is a tool to be used to make you feel better and to connect with others. If you’re using it to compare your own life and dreams and appearance to the filtered lives of others, it will be making you subconsciously sad. It’s great to celebrate the successes of others, but it is also important to protect yourself by creating boundaries and being aware of the impact that the accounts you follow are having on you. Rest assured though, there are plenty of supportive and positive accounts out there, try to fill your feed with as much happiness and love as you can.

The same goes for your “real life” friendships and encounters, surround yourself with support and kindness and love - and put your mental health ABOVE social obligation or politeness; it’s important.

I don’t know you, but you seem like a nice person. I hope that while you’re out there spreading kindness, you remember to make time to be kind to yourself. Don’t feel guilty about it, you deserve it. And remember, try not to overthink it.


Here are some things you could try to take an hour to do:

Have a nap

Listen to your favourite music

Get outside

Draw yourself a bubble bath

Map out some goals

Learn about yourself, or the world, or about something that inspires you

Eat something you would usually deprive yourself of

Watch your favourite TV show

You’re doing well and you deserve some time to yourself, and your mind deserves a rest every now and again.

You’re going to be OK. You have got this.

The warmest wishes,

A friend

P.S. here is a picture of a quokka, the happiest animal on earth.


P.P.S please share this with anyone who you think may need to read it. Have a great week.