Anxiety, Fatigue and Lack of Sleep

The relationship between sleep and anxiety is an infinity loop; it's snake eat tail.

Insomnia causes Fatigue causes Anxiety causes Insomnia causes Fatigue. 

It's a wonder any of us can get up at all. 


To clarify: this is constant. There has been no rest from this cycle for as long as I can remember. 

It gets worse. It gets better. It never goes away. 

This is a snapshot of my snoozing reality:

  • I haven't fallen asleep without hypnosis or an audiobook for over 3 years. 
  • In the years prior to that, I could count the amount of times I slept without one on one hand. 
  • Before that, I used to have to have the TV on every single night
  • I am regularly still awake at 4am
  • I'm a light sleeper, so I wake up the minute anyone else is stirring
  • I also wake up several times throughout the night
  • I clench my jaw in my sleep, so always wake up with a headache
  • I have been paralysed by night terrors on several occasions


At the minute, I am MEGA anxious and stressed, which means that all of this is amplified. 

When people think about what it is like to live with anxiety, I am pretty sure that they think about all the psychological symptoms - the worrying, the panic attacks - and the physical symptoms probably don't even cross their minds. 

Missing out on a basic need like sleep, really impacts on your quality of life. It's not easy to function without a good night's rest at the best of times, let alone when couples with mental illness. 

That's my morning anyway. Happy Monday, I hope yours is better. 


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