Tis the Season to be Anxious

If my brain isn’t careful, we’re going to fall out with each other one of these days. How can it be that I am wide awake on yet another Bloody Sunday night? 

23:49 doesn’t seem the appropriate time to start writing a blog post to me, but it does to my brain and she’s the boss.  

So what exactly IS troubling her tonight?  

Bloody everything. She’s chosen a new fear for us this weekend and, although it’s coughing and that might not seem like the worst thing to be frightened of, it’s a little frustrating that she’d go out of her way to add to my problems at a time when 1) coughing is rife and 2) there is so much other stuff to be getting on with. 

What I REALLY wish she was focused on is getting through the holiday season in one piece.  

The run up to Christmas can be worrisome for people living with anxiety, and I’m no exception. Most things about Christmas are absolutely lovely, don’t get me wrong... but then there are the stressful bits - shopping, social occasions, crowds and (if you’re like me and your family are EVERYWHERE) traveling. 

Because these are all HUGE issues for me, I’m going to write a post on each of them in the coming days. When my brain has stopped thinking about tsars and bronchitis and she’s come back to me to help me write. 



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