A little note...

Chums and Chumettes, 

Thank you so much for taking the time out of your important lives to let me know that you're reading my blog and listening to the Piglet (ish) podcast. 

Bearing my naked soul on the internet is at best incredibly daunting and at worst terrifying. Hearing that you have found comfort in my words REALLY makes it worthwhile. 

Mental illness has been a hot topic in my life from a young (ish) age, as those of you who read the post I wrote about my Mum will know. I have always been a firm believer that it should receive far more attention than it does, which is why I'm so determined to raise awareness. 

I know that with enough voices we CAN make a difference. 

I have been working my lil brain off trying to get regular content out to you - and knowing that you like it enough to read it all over the world (Hey there, reader from the Seychelles!) is actually incredible.  It blows my mind. 

I know that it must be scary for some of you to like and share my content on social media or leave comments on my posts - but know that every single time you do, you make it that tiny bit easier for the next person. 

Juggling a full time career, podcasting and blogging is TESTING to say the least, but I finally feel as though I am getting into a good rhythm with it - and I can't wait to share ALL of my future meltdowns with you beautiful people. 

Thank you, once more. Keep on sharing, it keeps me going. 

Your brains make my brain smile, 



Anneli RobertsComment