My Anxiety Challenge

I can't believe it's been 10 days since my last post. Time FLIES when you're having (somewhat nervous and reserved) fun, doesn't it? 

Those of you who follow me on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook will know that I've been asking my readers for help this weekend. Specifically, I've been asking for you to share your coping techniques, distraction methods and mental wellness advice with me. You've done yourselves proud. 

Shout out to Carlee, who is absolutely right! 

Shout out to Carlee, who is absolutely right! 

You may have noticed a new (and more colourful) part of my site has sprung up over the last few days - My Anxiety Challenge. Over the next few months I'm going to be trying out ALL your suggestions and blogging, vlogging or reviewing them. I hope that it will help some of you find new and/or interesting ways of coping with your anxiety (without having to try them yourselves), or at least you can have a good laugh at me while I flail around in a river... ANYTHING for you lot, eh?

I'm actually surprisingly excited to try most of this stuff out - and - (not surprisingly) incredibly nervous about one or two of them. 

Wish me luck - and thanks (I think) for all your help and encouragement. 

The Complete list

  1. Get a dog
  2. Hypnotherapy
  3. Knitting
  4. Listen to an audiobook
  5. Tai Chi
  6. Breathing Exercises (4-7-8)
  7. Long walks in the country
  8. Go home, lay down and close eyes for an hour
  9. Scented Candles
  10. Mindfulness
  11. 15-20min or cardio
  12. Essential Oils
  13. Valerian Root
  14. Bake Cookies
  15. Mold Clay
  16. Hold a dog
  17. Exercise
  18. Singing really loud to music
  19. Singing in the car
  20. Dancing 
  21. Write positive "lines" 
  22. Word searches
  23. Yoga
  24. Meditation
  25. Writing down my feelings
  26. Creative writing
  27. dot to dot
  28. Sauna
  29. Making/Shaking glitter jars
  30. Cold water swimming
  31. Cut out caffeine
  32. Headspace App
  33. Listen to/ Watch Ted Talks
  34. Chamomile Tea
  35. Colouring
  36. Mudras
  37. Crystals
  38. Embroidery
  39. Quit Smoking
  40. Go to a social event (even when you don't want to)
  41. Run 5k
  42. A bottle of wine
  43. Shout
  44. A long bath
  45. Art
  46. Cut out alcohol
  47. Laugh (a lot)
  48. CBD Oil
  49. Get a massage
  50. Buddhify App
  51. Go walking in the woods
  52. Watch a documentary
  53. De-clutter
  54. Give myself a makeover
  55. Visit the sea
  56. "Take a Leap" 
  57. Build something from Lego
  58. Crafts
  59. Indian Head Massage
  60. Tell myself 10 good things in the mirror
  61. Acupuncture
  62. Sit with feet in warm water for 30 min
  63. Have a Disney/Duvet day
  64. Put on a facemask and watch a cheesy film
  65. Have an orgasm
  66. Go to church
  67. Open heart meditation
  68. Cut out junk food
  69. Go and see a whale
  70. Be alone

Forgive me for not committing to these in the order they're written down - I'm just going to go as the mood takes me, but I do promise you that I'll get them  ALL done and typed up. 

Do you have any ideas for my next challenge? I'm looking for another 30 to try out later on in the year, once I'm all done. You can get in touch by emailing or by filling in the form here