A New Start

omg hi.

You may have noticed that my site has been down for a few weeks and that it now looks different and that is with good reason - I’ve been having a digital identity crisis (which is just dramatic for: I needed a rebrand!). So welcome back to meeee (yay) and please join me in celebrating everything that is good and fresh and fun.

Some of you might be new here too, which is incredibly exciting. If you are, I’ll just quickly get you up to speed and we can all merrily look to the future. I’m Anneli. I’m just your average wanky millennial internet person. I like avocados and Ru Paul’s Drag Race and enjoy complaining about modern dating, housing prices and pointing out the occasional Harry Potter plot hole. I’m pretty fucking basic; I own an actual record player.

Annoyingly though, I’m also like a 9 on Piers Morgan’s snowflake scale and I am “trying to better myself” and “not a racist” and “fighting mental health stigma” and other things that make me unpalatable to anyone who buys their biscuits exclusively from Harrods and thinks that women are only worthy of respect if they “cover up”.

I’m also a domestic violence and sexual abuse survivor with PTSD and I’ve been campaigning for mental health awareness since early 2017. The impact the abuse had on me has been ongoing and severe and I am proud to say that recently (last week) I finally found the courage to report my abuser to the police, after almost 3 years of being too afraid.

I decided earlier this year to give myself a little boost and a fresh start online by taking a step back from creating and evaluating all the work I’ve done so far. Wow. I’ve done a lot.


I’m extremely proud from whence I came. I’ve campaigned for better mental health services, been featured on TV and radio, stood up and shared my story in front of a room full of Time to Change young champions, been shortlisted for Mind Charity’s 2018 Digital Champion, met some amazing people, both on and offline, and Stephen Fry (!!!!!!!!!!!) called me an “old friend”.

Over the last 2 years, I’ve survived some really dark and trying times and learned to search for meaning, even on the worst days; I’m not saying I always manage it, but I always make it through. I have repeatedly overworked myself and burned out, I’ve crippled myself with anger at the injustice and lack of professional support so many survivors are facing. Last year I saved someone’s life. I also saved my own and it’s about time that I start really living again.


So I have new shit happening and I’m not going to shy away from the fact that I think it’s BOMB. I’m back in my hometown, my dog is going to school, I’ve got a real life actual boyfriend, I’m relaunching a bigger, better (lazier) YouTube channel and it’s lit. I’ve just started recording a new fucking podcast series that’s so fresh and fun that it’s going to literally make your brains jizz in their little pants. I have a new job as the assistant editor of The Breakdown, where I get to work with one of my favourite mental health advocates Hattie Gladwell. I’m designing new merch and literally writing a fucking book.

I’ll be sharing that new stuff with you soon, but if you want sneak peaks and behind-the-scenes stuff and early access to content, you can sign up to my Patreon, where I share an exclusive personal podcast. It costs $1 per month, which gives you access to weekly episodes and helps me keep the wolves from the door.

These next few weeks will be hard. I’m waiting for counselling and waiting to hear whether or not my abuser will face charges. I’m going to need to have good people around me and I’m hoping that you’ll walk beside me. It’s going to be a tough ‘un, but I am grateful to have the support network that I do. Your tweets and comments get me through the worst days.