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Hi there!

we feel so lucky to get to listen to the inspirational, moving and often emotional stories that our guests share with us about their personal journey with mental health. Many of them have overcome huge hurdles and, just like us, have found peace in talking and sharing. 

We recommend that you settle yourself into bed with a cuppa (de-caff, if that's your thing), some biscuits, the sound of rain on the window and immerse yourself in the positive, friendly and sometimes tear-jerking chats that make up pigletish talks. 

we do discuss some difficult topics in some of the episodes, so please only listen if you're confident that the subject of the episode is suitable to your current circumstances. some episodes contain conversation surrounding suicidal thoughts and self harm, in addition to explicit content.

our guests are fab. our intros are on point. our music is rumoured to be the best podcast music in history.
There's very rarely a random or abrupt end to an episode...


Anneli and Sarah



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