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Hi guys and welcome to the worst ever hidden area in any website in the history of... well today at least.

I recently hit an exciting milestone on Twitter which is 2,000 followers. I started 2018 with 300 of you and I'm blown a way by how quickly things can grow. 

Well to celebrate this, I've decided to PARTY WITH YOU GUYS. And what better way to party than via snail mail?!


Over the coming weeks, Sarah and I are on a super top secret mission of life improve-ry, which we'll be sharing with you as soon as we are able to (soon, I promise). When we've achieved this mission, and uploaded all mission-related content (videos, blogs, podcasts and the like) - we'll be hosting some giveaways RIGHT HERE on this page - so please do check back regularly. 

FOR NOW THOUGH, we've decided to send some cheery uppery mail out to as many of you as possible. If you'd like some post that isn't a bill, please fill in the below form and we'll send you something cute. You can give us your address OR the address of a nearby business, pick up location or your workplace if you'd prefer - although we'll never EVER share your details with anyone and won't even keep them on record ourselves once we've sent out your stuff :) 

If that's not your thing (which we understand completely) please consider chatting with us on Twitter, we're a friendly pair. 

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You can also read to the very bottom of the page if you like and hear about our goals and how you can help us get there.

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Our Goals

Naturally, I want to continue bonding with the readers and listeners who are kind enough to spend some of their time joining in with my journey to recovery. If you have a message you'd like to share with me, please do so via the "Contact Us" page below. You can help us along our way by visiting the GET INVOLVED page. 

Our next couple of milestones are: 

1. To receive 10 podcast reviews on Apple Podcasts

2. To get to 2,500 followers on Twitter

3. To get to 10 supporters on our patreon page

Can YOU help us?! (yes, yes is the answer)