Why do I feel such a strong connection?

Here it is then, episode 8 (it’s part 2/2 of my conversation with Sean Jones, so if you haven’t yet heard part 1, do go back and listen to episode 7 first). It’s been such an important conversation for me and was one of those big impact moments in my journey to recovery.

This week has shown me that real connections can come from the most unlikely of places and it’s just cemented the idea in my mind that speaking up about your mental health can lead to truly wonderful things. If I hadn’t been brave enough to speak out about ptsd and start this podcast, I would never have met Sean and never have met Molly and as you’ll be able to tell throughout this episode they’ve both had an unquantifiable positive effect on me.


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What is post traumatic stress disorder?


Sean Jones is being medically discharged from the military, due to a PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) diagnosis. In this 2 part episode (part 2 to follow tomorrow), we talk about the stigma surrounding PTSD and how hard it is to access treatment, and the barriers that might stop someone from reaching out.

Sean is amazing, he’s managing his condition through keeping physically fit and through keeping up with his own personal routine; something that has been ingrained in him from his military experience.

I’ve split the episode into 2 parts because, although Sean’s story is absolutely amazing (and believe me, it is), speaking with a fellow PTSD sufferer also had a huge impact on me and was a milestone in my own recovery journey. Part 1 is all about finding the courage to ask for help, and what it finally means to you - and in part 2 you’ll hear even more from Sean and myself on PTSD and the effect it has had on the way both of us live our lives.

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You can support the work I do by letting me know what you think of the podcast on Twitter (@pigletish) AND, if you can afford it, you can donate to pigletish and help towards the cost of running the site and podcast. Every little bit counts and a $1 donation from you is going to make my day!

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Why is it so hard to talk about our mental health?

I finally got to IRL talk to someone who I’ve admired for bloody ages on Twitter and I’m so happy to report that it lived up to expectations - this week, the guest I have for you is JAMES CONLON . If you haven’t heard of him, he’s a kind and thoughtful mental health advocate who blogs and tweets about real shit. Go follow him on Twitter and get to know him!

So what did we talk about?

Well we covered a lot of topics including:

  • The stigma surrounding mental health

  • Toxic Masculinity

  • Living with chronic illness

  • Trolls & Bullies

And we also mentioned a couple of other things you might want to check out like Hattie Gladwell’s mental health work, the Time to Change #AskTwice campaign and CALM’s website. The best way to find out what we’ve been talking about though is absolutely to get yourself a cup of tea and settle down for a ride around the block with me, James and our resident expert, assistant psychologist, Molly Scott!

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How can we set realistic goals?


Adam is back! Last series, I sat at the bottom of mt Snowdon with Adam Howard and talked about his experiences of living day to day with depression AND the campaign work he does for mental health awareness. Adam’s a Time to Change Champion and uses his spare time to speak publicly about mental health (despite the nerves and social anxiety) - which goes to show how much you can achieve, when you’re passionate about a topic.

In this episode, he’s back and he’s kind enough to update us on his campaign work and give us an inside look at the counselling sessions he’s currently working through. The goals Adam has set with his counsellor are:

  1. Switch off and focus

  2. Limit his social media

  3. Set realistic goals

I talk to Adam about these goals, what he’s doing to achieve them and his progress so far and, with the help of resident expert and assistant psychologist Molly Scott, we discuss what techniques you can implement at home if you’re also struggling.


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And join in the discussion. This week, I’d like to know what you do to keep your relationship with social media healthy. Do you limit your time on your phone? Have you unfollowed a bunch of accounts?

Is self care an effective way of managing our mental health?


In a world where we’re making baby steps (and sometimes huge leaps) in raising awareness for mental health and mental illnesses, particularly online - how can you go about talking to your family who aren’t exposed to social media about your mind and how it’s going?

Also, there’s a lot of talk about “Self Care” but is it an effective way of managing our mental health? Could some self care techniques be bad for us? And wth is a molly-o-meter?!?!!!

In this episode, I introduce the podcast’s new “resident expert” Molly Scott, who talks to me about her professional experience in the world of mental health and proves just how passionate she is for raising awareness. We talk about Matt Haig’s Reasons To Stay Alive, and how important reading can be for your mental health.

Like me, Molly is a Gryffinpuff, which is just the tip of the iceberg of the reasons she’s so awesome - this episode is far from the last you will hear from Molly, she’s going to be helping me make sure that I can share as much information as possible on this podcast, by weighing in on the topics discussed this week and giving us some food for thought.

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Do you have any questions you’d like me to ask Molly? Leave them in a comment below and I’ll ask her in the next episode of the podcast…

What's life like on the psych ward?

Series 2: Episode 3 of the Pigletish Talks: The Mental Health Podcast

It’s no big secret that mental health treatment isn’t as easy to access as it should be in 2018. One topic in particular is still shrouded in mystery - what life is like on a psychiatric ward?

To find out more about this aspect of mental health treatment in the UK, I talk to Ida Väisänen about her experience of being hospitalised for 80 days in 2017; following a suicide attempt.

Ida tells us about the practical and emotional difficulties that go along with living on a psychiatric ward and she kindly answered my questions about the way she feels it has changed her life. Her story is relatable, eye opening and uplifting.

This episode has really highlighted for me how important it is to ask for help, if you need it. Ida is still here today because of the treatment she received and I, for one, feel grateful to share this world with such a beautiful and giving soul.

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(Trigger Warning: Suicide and Self Harm)

Do we all fit neatly into our labels?

Blogger and YouTuber: Nicole Eloise Brooks

Blogger and YouTuber: Nicole Eloise Brooks

For so many of my generation, Harry Potter has become so much more than a book. It’s comforting, it’s relatable, it’s empowering. Are there lessons to be learned about mental health within its pages? And, if so, what are they?

This week I was joined by blogger, YouTuber and Harry Potter fan, Nicole Eloise Brooks and my co-host, Sarah, and we talk about mental health in the wizarding world including Harry’s PTSD, Draco’s “recovery” and The Dobby Effect.

We also talk about the many ways labels are used both in the fictional world AND the world we live in. Is your Hogwarts house a label? Should you be drawn to people who can relate to your traits and experiences OR are you limiting your perspective on the world? Can a person really fit neatly into label?

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(Trigger Warning: Depression, Anxiety, PTSD) This episode contains spoilers

Harry Potter has seen Sarah, Nicole and I through the darkest of times.

What do you think? Did the books have the same influence on your life?
Are there other books that have affected you more?

Do you really hate your body?

Maddi Mathon - our guest for the week

Maddi Mathon - our guest for the week

Series 2 Episode 1 of Pigletish: The Mental Health Podcast

Of the 108 people who responded anonymously to my twitter poll, 82% said that they were actively unhappy with their appearance; something disturbing, but not entirely surprising.

I asked Maddi, who wrote a post titled I Hate My Body, But I’m Trapped Inside Anyway, do you REALLY hate your body and, if so, why?

In the first episode of the second series of the podcast, we talked about binge eating disorder, fat shaming, comfort eating and chronic pain - in an episode that was as empowering as it was sad.

Listen below in your browser OR click here to listen on an iPhone and here to listen on an android device.

(Trigger warning: eating disorders)

What is your relationship with your body like? Do you accept it? And do other people?

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"We've had to learn lessons we never wanted to understand" - Episode 23 - Mental Health in the Workplace with Jen Eastwood

Hi guys, 

Welcome to episode 23 of Pigletish Talks: The Anxiety Podcast. 

This week we talk to Jen Eastwood about Mental Health in the Workplace, being self employed and the #MeToo movement. If you're triggered by talk of sexual assault, please make sure you listen to this episode with a responsible adult and that you don't listen when feeling vulnerable. 

For help and resources: click HERE to see a list of international helplines who may be able to help. 


"I'm not ashamed of my mental illness" - we talk about diagnosis and treatment with Maddi Mathon - Episode 21

Maddi wanted to drive home the point that her sexuality is completely separate to her mental illness - and so she did. She joins us for this poignant episode of Pigletish Talks, where she opens up about fighting for treatment and how the right diagnosis is key to a successful recovery. 

If you need people to talk to, I'd encourage you to find the mental health community and talk to them because peer to peer support is so important and has been so key in making us feel OK and helping us feel less lonely. 

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"and then... BANG - they exploded!" - Episode 20 - When self care goes wrong!

Hi guys, 

It's us again - back with a brand new episode of Pigletish Talks. We're guest-less for a week, because we figured that it's about time we talked to you personally again :) 

The episode is all about self care and what we think that means. We also tell you some stories about times that we've tried to self care and it's gone horribly - and hilariously - wrong. 

So dive in and enjoy. 

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Also a huge huge shout out to Daniel Howell land Phil Lester, whose YouTube videos are currently providing us with so so much sanity in distracting us from life. Thank you both. 

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"Small comments take a couple of seconds, make such a big difference." Episode 19 with Becky (Stronger Together)

Becky might be the nicest person in the whole world, she sends out care packages to people who are nominated via twitter for some cheer and love. 

Becky's at a positive and honest place on what she calls a "rollercoaster" journey with mental health, and she's focusing on that for now. Lucky for us, she's an open book and we enjoy hearing about the support she's had from friends, how she stays centred on the good stuff and being grateful for who she has in her life. 

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"Oh God, we're all looking out the window!" - Episode 18 - we talk about talking with Mike Douglas

We speak to Mike Douglas of Mike's Open Journal podcast about his mental health journey - we talk about the language people use when talking about mental illness and try to decide whether or not it's OK to steal a 4x4 in a zombie apocalypse. 

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As always, we talked wayyyy too much so the episode comes to a rather abrupt end . I have no excuses to make at this point, it's just the way it's gonna be from here on... 

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"Do Something That Makes You Happy" - Episode 17 - Adam treks up Snowdon for Mind

We talked to Adam Howard on the day he was due to trek up Snowdon for Mind Charity. Naturally, we wanted to feel involved so me and my friend Macs drove Adam out to the mountain itself, and sat at a lake at the foot of mount Snowdon, we talked about life, social anxiety, mental health awareness campaigning and the financial support available. 

We're interrupted by a sheep, at least 3 bees, some people and a helicopter - but despite all that it's a truly beautiful and uplifting episode. Plus I always like hearing Macs being told to go fuck himself. 

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Our view of Snowdon as we recorded the podcast :)

Our view of Snowdon as we recorded the podcast :)


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"Can you believe that our friendship is 16 years old?" Episode 01 - Me and Sarah look back at our childhood.

I'm re-publishing episode 01 of Pigletish Talks as Apple Podcasts has confused the order that things appear in :) 

Hopefully this sorts it out. 

Sorry about the terrible sound squeak in the background - this is back before I could edit!!! 

Pigletish Talks (1).jpg

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"On the second day it hit me just how hard it was gonna be" - Episode 16 - From Leeds to London with Chloe Bellerby

At just 18 years of age, Chloe has achieved some incredible things. This year, she walked from Leeds to London in 10 days and raised over £10,000.00 for Mind Charity. She tells us what this felt like in this really special episode of Pigletish Talks: The Anxiety Podcast. 

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"There are Rainbows and Waterfalls" Episode 15 - My relationship with my Dad

Day 3/7 of our 7 daily podcasts for mental health awareness week and we've recorded something very personal to me and very emotional. In episode 15 of Pigletish Talks, I open up about my relationship with my father and let you guys in on something very close to my heart. 

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"At the End of the Day, We're All Linked in Some Weird and Wonderful Way" - Episode 14 - #Missing - ft. Esther Beadle

Esther Beadle is one of the many UK adults who has returned from being a Missing Person and she was kind enough to share her story with us in this moving and eye-opening episode of Pigletish Talks. 

Android listeners can listen here, and iPhone listeners can listen here. Please don't forget to leave a review and subscribe. 

Did you know that every year the amount of adults who go missing in the UK is equivalent to the population of the whole of Stoke? 

When Esther went missing in January 2016, many people thought that the story had finished when she wandered into A&E after 41 hours of being unaccounted for; and subsequently returned home, but for Esther the story was just beginning. Faced with the reality that she couldn't trust herself not to disappear again, Esther started to rebuild her life and try to make sense of what had happened to her, but she found very little support and/or information out there. 

Two years later and Esther has dedicated much of her time to raising awareness for people with similar #Missing stories to her and has been drawing much needed attention to the fact that there should be a proper and structured support in place for people who are returning to the lives they left before they were gone. If you listen to the episode, I'm sure that you'll agree that Esther is an incredible person and that she has a deep and uplifting perspective on life, the world and missing. 

We were utterly captivated by Esther throughout this conversation, let us know what you think to her story in the comments below. 

Join us! 

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