What's life like on the psych ward?

Series 2: Episode 3 of the Pigletish Talks: The Mental Health Podcast

It’s no big secret that mental health treatment isn’t as easy to access as it should be in 2018. One topic in particular is still shrouded in mystery - what life is like on a psychiatric ward?

To find out more about this aspect of mental health treatment in the UK, I talk to Ida Väisänen about her experience of being hospitalised for 80 days in 2017; following a suicide attempt.

Ida tells us about the practical and emotional difficulties that go along with living on a psychiatric ward and she kindly answered my questions about the way she feels it has changed her life. Her story is relatable, eye opening and uplifting.

This episode has really highlighted for me how important it is to ask for help, if you need it. Ida is still here today because of the treatment she received and I, for one, feel grateful to share this world with such a beautiful and giving soul.

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(Trigger Warning: Suicide and Self Harm)

Anneli RobertsComment