Do you really hate your body?

Maddi Mathon - our guest for the week

Maddi Mathon - our guest for the week

Series 2 Episode 1 of Pigletish: The Mental Health Podcast

Of the 108 people who responded anonymously to my twitter poll, 82% said that they were actively unhappy with their appearance; something disturbing, but not entirely surprising.

I asked Maddi, who wrote a post titled I Hate My Body, But I’m Trapped Inside Anyway, do you REALLY hate your body and, if so, why?

In the first episode of the second series of the podcast, we talked about binge eating disorder, fat shaming, comfort eating and chronic pain - in an episode that was as empowering as it was sad.

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(Trigger warning: eating disorders)

What is your relationship with your body like? Do you accept it? And do other people?

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