Do we all fit neatly into our labels?

Blogger and YouTuber: Nicole Eloise Brooks

Blogger and YouTuber: Nicole Eloise Brooks

For so many of my generation, Harry Potter has become so much more than a book. It’s comforting, it’s relatable, it’s empowering. Are there lessons to be learned about mental health within its pages? And, if so, what are they?

This week I was joined by blogger, YouTuber and Harry Potter fan, Nicole Eloise Brooks and my co-host, Sarah, and we talk about mental health in the wizarding world including Harry’s PTSD, Draco’s “recovery” and The Dobby Effect.

We also talk about the many ways labels are used both in the fictional world AND the world we live in. Is your Hogwarts house a label? Should you be drawn to people who can relate to your traits and experiences OR are you limiting your perspective on the world? Can a person really fit neatly into label?

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(Trigger Warning: Depression, Anxiety, PTSD) This episode contains spoilers

Harry Potter has seen Sarah, Nicole and I through the darkest of times.

What do you think? Did the books have the same influence on your life?
Are there other books that have affected you more?