What is post traumatic stress disorder?


Sean Jones is being medically discharged from the military, due to a PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) diagnosis. In this 2 part episode (part 2 to follow tomorrow), we talk about the stigma surrounding PTSD and how hard it is to access treatment, and the barriers that might stop someone from reaching out.

Sean is amazing, he’s managing his condition through keeping physically fit and through keeping up with his own personal routine; something that has been ingrained in him from his military experience.

I’ve split the episode into 2 parts because, although Sean’s story is absolutely amazing (and believe me, it is), speaking with a fellow PTSD sufferer also had a huge impact on me and was a milestone in my own recovery journey. Part 1 is all about finding the courage to ask for help, and what it finally means to you - and in part 2 you’ll hear even more from Sean and myself on PTSD and the effect it has had on the way both of us live our lives.

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