How can we set realistic goals?


Adam is back! Last series, I sat at the bottom of mt Snowdon with Adam Howard and talked about his experiences of living day to day with depression AND the campaign work he does for mental health awareness. Adam’s a Time to Change Champion and uses his spare time to speak publicly about mental health (despite the nerves and social anxiety) - which goes to show how much you can achieve, when you’re passionate about a topic.

In this episode, he’s back and he’s kind enough to update us on his campaign work and give us an inside look at the counselling sessions he’s currently working through. The goals Adam has set with his counsellor are:

  1. Switch off and focus

  2. Limit his social media

  3. Set realistic goals

I talk to Adam about these goals, what he’s doing to achieve them and his progress so far and, with the help of resident expert and assistant psychologist Molly Scott, we discuss what techniques you can implement at home if you’re also struggling.


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And join in the discussion. This week, I’d like to know what you do to keep your relationship with social media healthy. Do you limit your time on your phone? Have you unfollowed a bunch of accounts?

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