Ep 03: When should you tell your date about mental illness?

When should you tell your date about mental illness?

Is extreme honesty good for your relationship?

Are the questions on OKCupid positive and useful? Or just plain intrusive?

Does online dating make you anxious?

Is small talk thrilling?

Is it better to meet someone online or in real life? 

Do we over analyse messages? 

Deep down, is everyone just looking for the most attractive knees?

What kind of man is a cheese platter?

Who exactly is Joseph Gordon-Levitt?

Is half an ear and a nose enough? 


Is it ever OK to swap dates? 

Is anyone ever really "fine"?

Are we concerned about Trump's relationship with Russia?

There aren't always definitive answers, when it comes to dating and relationships. A lot of it depends on YOU (oh no!) and what feels right. 

I ask myself and Sarah many MANY questions, to see if we can find out just how uncomfortable  and horribly anxious dating makes us and, more importantly, WHY. 

Single and Anxious?! 

Listen to me an Sarah discuss the pitfalls of online dating and relationships and answer some of OKCupid's questions in a bid to decide whether or not we think online dating can be a productive way to find a match in the third episode of Pigletish Talks: the Anxiety Podcast.

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