"I wish that one of them had been different" - Episode 13 - Mental Health Awareness Week - Losing my Mum to Mental Illness


This episode contains reference to bereavement and suicide - if you think that this may trigger any distress for you, please don't listen to it. As always, I've done my utmost to make sure that the episode is as safe as possible, but as with anything, I can't guarantee that it won't be upsetting for some listeners. 

The Episode is the first in a 7 part daily mini-series for mental health awareness week, and in this opening episode I open up about losing my Mum and how that makes the fight for awareness so important to me - REMEMBER - you can call the Samaritans to  speak with them anonymously on 116 123

You are not alone. I promise you that. Reaching out is the first step towards recovery. I believe in you. Tweet me if you need any words of encouragement, or use #PigletishTalks to connect with us. 

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