"At the End of the Day, We're All Linked in Some Weird and Wonderful Way" - Episode 14 - #Missing - ft. Esther Beadle

Esther Beadle is one of the many UK adults who has returned from being a Missing Person and she was kind enough to share her story with us in this moving and eye-opening episode of Pigletish Talks. 

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Did you know that every year the amount of adults who go missing in the UK is equivalent to the population of the whole of Stoke? 

When Esther went missing in January 2016, many people thought that the story had finished when she wandered into A&E after 41 hours of being unaccounted for; and subsequently returned home, but for Esther the story was just beginning. Faced with the reality that she couldn't trust herself not to disappear again, Esther started to rebuild her life and try to make sense of what had happened to her, but she found very little support and/or information out there. 

Two years later and Esther has dedicated much of her time to raising awareness for people with similar #Missing stories to her and has been drawing much needed attention to the fact that there should be a proper and structured support in place for people who are returning to the lives they left before they were gone. If you listen to the episode, I'm sure that you'll agree that Esther is an incredible person and that she has a deep and uplifting perspective on life, the world and missing. 

We were utterly captivated by Esther throughout this conversation, let us know what you think to her story in the comments below. 

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