Is self care an effective way of managing our mental health?


In a world where we’re making baby steps (and sometimes huge leaps) in raising awareness for mental health and mental illnesses, particularly online - how can you go about talking to your family who aren’t exposed to social media about your mind and how it’s going?

Also, there’s a lot of talk about “Self Care” but is it an effective way of managing our mental health? Could some self care techniques be bad for us? And wth is a molly-o-meter?!?!!!

In this episode, I introduce the podcast’s new “resident expert” Molly Scott, who talks to me about her professional experience in the world of mental health and proves just how passionate she is for raising awareness. We talk about Matt Haig’s Reasons To Stay Alive, and how important reading can be for your mental health.

Like me, Molly is a Gryffinpuff, which is just the tip of the iceberg of the reasons she’s so awesome - this episode is far from the last you will hear from Molly, she’s going to be helping me make sure that I can share as much information as possible on this podcast, by weighing in on the topics discussed this week and giving us some food for thought.

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