Shortlisted for Digital Champion in the Mind Media Awards 2018!

Shortlisted for Digital Champion in the Mind Media Awards 2018!

you are not alone.

and it’s definitely ok to be ill.

when you live with mental health problems or mental illness, it’s natural to feel isolated, but i promise you that you are not.

at least 1 in 4 of the people you know are also struggling with their mental health

nobody feels 100% all the time.

there are people in your life right now who are ready to listen and who will try to understand what you’re going through.

it is important that you try to talk to someone about the way you feel.

sending best wishes, empathy and a speedy recovery your way.




about the podcast

pigletish is a weekly podcast about mental health and mental illness,
every week, i talk to guests about their lives and share their journeys with the world.
(it’s an absolute honour to get to speak to ALL of them

every tuesday

a podcast is like a radio show that goes out online.
you can listen by searching for “pigletish” in your favourite podcast app
(learn more here)

you’ll enjoy the podcast, if you like hearing real life stories of recovery and hope
and also if you’re feeling a bit low or anxious yourself
and need to hear you’re not the only one.
it’s like people watching for your ears.


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