Pigletish Listens: What's in my Audible Library?

It's me again, here to tell you about the Audio Books that are in my Audible Library. You can use this as a way to judge whether or not the books I've listened to are right for you, but if you'd like to read some reviews of individual titles, please let me know in the comments below. 

This is a list of titles that I have spent my Audible credits on, for a guide to the free titles available on Audible, click HERE

Titles in my Audible Library


A list of titles in my Audio Library and their triggers. Please be aware that as I primarily use Audible as a sleeping aid, I may have missed certain plot points/triggers in any given title so the triggers I have noted should be used as a guide only and you should always do your own research before making a purchase. 

Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy
by Douglas Adams, narrated by Stephen Fry
duration - 5 hr 51 min
Good for: Fans of Stephen Fry (me!) and Douglas Adams, if you enjoyed reading the book, this is a lovely adaptation. 
Triggers: N/A

Mark Watson Makes The World Substantially Better
a BBC Audio production, hosted by Mark Watson
duration - 2 Series available, each with 6 episodes (I have both)
Good for: fans of BBC comedy, Mark Watson and lighthearted comedy
Triggers: No triggers for me - but sudden increases in volume during songs/canned laughter


The Ricky Gervais Show
Hosted by Ricky Gervais, Stephen Merchant and Karl Pilkington
duration - varies, multiple series available (of which I have all)
Good for: Fans of Karl - he is the star of this title, which was once the world's #1 podcast
Triggers: VERY Occasionally this can touch on life/death themes, but only as Karl is educated - wasn't a problem for me and I have severe existential anxiety

by Sue Perkins, narrated by Sue Perkins
duration - 8 hr 43 min
Good for: All round lovely and relatable, I found Sue's voice incredibly soothing too
Triggers: DOG LOVERS there is a chapter where Sue speaks openly about losing her beloved dog and it's not an easy listen. 

Sherlock Holmes: The Definitive Collection
by Arthur Conan Doyle, narrated by Stephen Fry
duration - I have barely scratched the surface of this title and it's split into so many parts I can't even figure out the duration.
Good for: Stephen Fry's voice is great (as always) as he brings these wonderful literary classics to life. 
Triggers: These are crime mysteries, so proceed with caution all round (horror/suspense/violence)


More Fool Me
written and read by Stephen Fry
duration - 9 hr 50 min
Good for: Again, read by Stephen Fry, so if you find his voice as comforting as I do, this autobiographical book is well worth a listen. 
Triggers: Drug related themes

Harry Potter (All titles Available)
by J K Rowling, narrated by Stephen Fry
duration - various
Good for: Harry Potter fans (also known as humans!) and Stephen REALLY brings these books to life with his portrayal of the different characters, it's truly magical. I have a particular loyalty to these titles as they were my first EVER audio books and really turned my sleeping pattern around. 
Triggers: When I fell asleep to these books, I did wake up because of some of the Voldy scenes, so just be aware and maybe stick to the "safer" chapters of the books (e.g. I avoid the first chapter of Goblet of Fire and the murder of Frank Bryce if I'm trying to sleep)

Winnie the Pooh: Piglet Meets a Heffalump
by A A Milne, read by various (including Stephen Fry)
duration - 1 hr 2 min
Good for: I absolutely love Winnie the Pooh, I think it explores so many mental health issues in a way that is child-friendly and totally adorable, so if that sounds like something you might be into make sure you check it out. 
Triggers: N/A

The AudioBook of the Year
by No Such Thing as a Fish
duration - 9 hr 25 min
Good for: If you've listened to the No Such Thing as a Fish podcast, or you're a big fan of BBC's QI (Quite Interesting), then you'll really enjoy this summary of 2017 as told through interesting and weird facts selected by the QI elves. AND you learn 365 facts. 
Triggers: N/A

by Sara Pascoe, narrated by Sara Pascoe
duration - 9 hr 20 min
Good for: It's a really interesting exploration of the subject of how similar to animals human beings really are. Sara has a lovely, calming voice and it's very well thought out. 
Triggers: Rape/ Assault


Is It Just Me?
written and narrated by Miranda Hart
duration - 7 hr 21 min
Good for: Fans of Miranda, and people who feel socially awkward, Miranda converses with her childhood self about everything she has learned from life. 
Triggers: N/A

How to be Champion
by Sarah Millican, narrated by Sarah Millican
duration - 6 hr 57 min
Good for: Can you tell I love comedians? Sarah talks directly to you about how to make it through life feeling "champion" 
Triggers: N/A

Angus, Thongs and Full Frontal Snogging
by Louise Rennison, narrated by Louise Rennison
duration - 3 hr 52 min
Good for: I like it because I read it as a teenager and it feels nostalgic, the "Ace Gang" navigate high school and first love, etc. 
Triggers: N/A


It's Not Me, It's You
written and read by John Richardson
duration - 3 hr 16 min
Good for: Another comedian reads their autobiography, John talks about the ups and downs of trying to find love: funny and relatable. 
Triggers: N/A

Body Positive Power
written and read by Megan Jayne Crabbe
duration - 10 hr 16 min
Good for: A body positive account of Megan's journey from eating disorder to shunning diet culture permanently. Really good for those of you who need a boost of self confidence. 
Triggers: Eating Disorders

Sarah Millican's Support Group
by Sarah Millican - read by Sarah Millican plus guests
duration - 5 hr 7 min
Good for: A comedy series based on agony aunt style problem solving. 
Triggers: N/A

Note: I have listened to other titles in the 18 months I've been an Audible member, but those are definitely the ones I'd recommend you choose as a first title to download while in your FREE 30 DAY TRIAL. If you'd like to know more about setting up your membership and read my recommendations from the free titles sections, click here. 



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