How changing perspectives helped my mental health

 Charlotte Underwood. Twitter:  @CUnderwoodUK

Charlotte Underwood. Twitter: @CUnderwoodUK

Written by Charlotte Underwood for Pigletish

People tend to think of self-care as a physical thing. Having a bath, doing some exercise or reading a book are great things to do for self-care. However, they are not the only sorts of things, a lot of self-care is within you and in your mind.

This is because self-care is an entirely mental health, think of it as maintaining your brain, like taking vitamins to prevent anaemia or running to maintain your weight. Looking after our mental state is extremely important to keep ourselves healthy, as even if we are physically well, we cannot be healthy without a looked after mind.

The stress of life, even if you do not have a mental illness, can cause a lot of strain on your wellbeing. The taxing life of paying bills and working 30+ hour weeks drains you emotionally and physically.

There was a time when I neglected my wellbeing so much because I didn’t see it as important.

Frankly, I didn’t think I had time for it between my new home and a tedious job. What came from this was a massive mental health relapse and a need for immediate intervention.
I started to write, which has become my main form of therapy and self-care, which is something to preach about on another day. But through writing, I started to understand my thoughts and
emotions, it all started to make sense and I knew that I needed to make some changes.

It really isn’t hard to do self-care, a big part of it is knowing your limits and saying ‘no’ when you
need too. It’s not overwhelming yourself with chores or events. It's knowing when to take a step back and have a full day, or week, to do nothing.

It’s also about understanding your own worth. We forget how important self-respect is in this
modern world. I am so guilty, as an empathy of ignoring my own needs for others. We need to know when we are being taken advantage of and just doing something for ourselves for once.

If you take a few moments now, breathe and reflect on your life as it is. Remember that the past is
not important as it has happened and does not define you and the future is yet to happen, it’s out ofyour control – so block these nagging feelings out.

Focus on the here and now, what do you need?

What do you want?

What changes can you make and what can you work towards?

If you do this for a few moments daily, like I do, it does wonders for your wellbeing and is certainly, without a doubt, my favourite and most effective form of self-care.