our Shipping and Returns Policy



Pigletish is run by me (Anneli Roberts) and me alone, I hand package and ship the products myself (out of Caernarfon, North Wales, where I live). Because I’m a one man band, products can take the following amount of time to get to you:

UK Shipping: 

Maximum time: 10 working days

Standard time: 3 working days

International shipping to the USA and Canada:

Maximum time: 21 working days

Standard time: 1 week

International shipping to Europe

Maximum time: 14 working days

Standard time: 1 week

I also have shipping options for Asia, Oceania and Africa, but, as I have not yet sent parcels to these countries, I cannot provide a time estimate yet. If you cannot see your on the list of options, please request a new shipping destination by clicking here.

The shipping costs vary according to distance and number of items, but I have prioritised low cost over speed, due to (1) the number of people living with mental illness who struggle to earn a living and (2) the environmental damage that is often caused by fast shipping. 


All Pigletish customers are eligible for a full refund if the product is faulty or not to the standard you would expect (subject to the item being returned). You are also able to request a full refund prior to your order being fulfilled. Please fill in the returns form below to contact me about any issues with an order, I’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

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