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Work with me

I’m Anneli. I’m a blogger, podcast host and author.
An “influencer” who is trying to influence change.

Here are some things I care about:

  • Equal access to mental health treatment

  • Having society without stigma around mental illness

  • Minimising the human inflicted damage to the planet

  • Using cruelty free makeup and beauty products

  • Protecting and believing domestic abuse survivors

  • Equality and human rights

I’ve worked with the likes of the BBC, Huffington Post, Panasonic and the Breakdown. Why not work with me?

I’m currently looking to work with:

  • Cruelty-Free Make up and Beauty brands

  • Companies who are working to reduce their carbon footprint

  • Charities who promote mental health and wellbeing

  • Apps that feature a ‘mood tracker’

    …and I’m open to suggestions.
    See a list of my favourite types of projects to work on below.
    For business enquiries only:


Hire me to write

You can hire me to write about mental health, domestic violence and other topics for your publication.

The amount I charge for writing projects depends on the size of project and subject matter.


Blog Posts & Social Media

I’d love to hear more about you and your business and figure out the best way to connect you with my audience (they’re lovely). There isn’t a flat rate for this, as it really depends on your needs, but I’m ready to go - so get in touch here.

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Sponsor an episode of
Human Bean Podcast

Human Bean is a brand new podcast series brought to you by Anneli Roberts in 2019. Each episode revolves around a different topic, with 2-3 guests featured and listener advice from resident expert Molly Scott.

You can apply to sponsor an episode of Human Bean for £250.00 Contact me here to learn more.


Here’s the tea

I think everything goes far more smoothly if everyone knows what they’re getting themselves into
and, for that reason, I am totally transparent about my social media following, engagement and skills.

I also have some ground rules:

(1) I have a relationship with my followers that is built on trust. It goes without saying that I will need to be totally confident that I am only promoting things that are worthy of their time and money. If this means trialling a product or service then that is absolutely not a step we can skip. Non-negotiable.

(2) Many of my followers struggle with their mental health (as do I). Under no circumstances will I promote a product that I think puts them at risk. This includes alcohol. It also includes products and services that claim to provide ‘quick fix’ solutions to mental health problems.

(3) I reserve the right to cut ties with any organisation or brand without notice if the work compromises my mental health or puts my followers at risk. Under these circumstances, I will refund any payment made for work that hasn’t been completed.

(4) I will not promote products that have been tested on animals.

(5) Rates are negotiable and depend on my relationship and potential future relationship with the brand.