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by anneli roberts (Owner)


I started Pigletish in March 2017 as a way to document my way to recovery from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. Not long before I decided to launch the site, which I initially intended to just host a blog and nothing else, I had been released from the shackles of an abusive relationship and finding my place back in the "normal world" was proving to be a mammoth task. Writing everything down seemed like the logical way for me to start making sense of all that I was feeling, so I did. 


Around this time I met Billie Geena, a lifestyle blogger, whose passion for all-things-online helped me realise that sharing my story was important. I knew that I wanted to own all the rights to my work,  and at the time I was working in a well paid management job, so I decided to bite the bullet and buy my own domain straight off the bat (if you want to MAKE money, rather than spend money on your blog this is probably not a smart way to start out). 


why pigletish?

I've been asked about the name of the site/ blog/ podcast a few times now, with some people confused about the name. Many of you have thought it was pronounced "Piggle-tish" and a guy once asked me why my website was called PIG-FETISH, but I wouldn't change it for the world - and here's why:


"The things that make me different
are the things that make me me" - Piglet

Yes, my site is named after A A Milne's Piglet from Winnie the Pooh.

Piglet is an absolute hero, and a great example of how courage isn't an absence of fear, but the ability and determination to overcome it.

As someone who lives with more than one Anxiety Disorder, I find Piglet to be almost a spirit animal. There have been several times in my life when I had to show great bravery and resilience in order to survive and although I have overcome some great difficulties, I also have to battle fear on a daily basis - some things scare me that many wouldn't even think twice about. 

Yes, Piglet is often plagued by fear and self-doubt, but he is also a good friend to Pooh and incredibly brave when the occasion calls for it. 


I am not ashamed to admit, that I have grown to be the kind of adult who regularly cries when thinking of Piglet. What a very small animal he is, and a very great example to timid or frightened children and adults alike. I very much consider my mental illness to be Piglet-ish, in that it is scary but I always strive to overcome my fears, and therefore it is like Piglet. 



Pigletish Talks

Anxiety regularly keeps me up at night, but it used to be far far worse. In my late teens and early twenties, I was devastated by nightly panic attacks, a story you can read in full HERE

Through my discovery of audio books and, later on, podcasts, I found that by playing audio at a low volume at bedtime I could get to sleep because I had the comfort of knowing there was a distraction at the ready, should my existential crisis rear its ugly head, and without the disturbance of having the light from a TV or my laptop on throughout the night. 

I listen to a podcast or audiobook every single night (maybe that's why I'm single?!) and often during the day too.

Of course then, when I started blogging, I always had my eye on creating my own podcast. The idea that I could contribute to this community who had allowed me to sleep properly for the first time in... well all of my life(!) was just too enticing for me, so I did. 

Pigletish Talks is a collection of chats about life, love and mental health between me (Anneli), my best friend (Sarah) and all the awesome guests, we've been fortunate enough to have on the show. We create and produce a new episode every Tuesday and you can listen to it absolutely free (find out how here). I hope that it brings you some comfort to hear that you're not alone - at the very least I hope it bores you enough that you can get to sleep. 


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I am the owner of pigletish, I run the blog and host the podcast (which is now on series 2 - yippee!). I campaign for mental health awareness and am working towards a brighter, more accepting future for people who live with mental illness.

I live in Cardiff with my best friend Sarah, who is on most podcast episodes, and my large and adorable Labrador, Doug. In addition to the work I do on this site, I have also appeared on radio (most recently BBC Radio 4’s Women’s Hour), written for publications such as Huffington Post and The Eclipse and I like to leave random gifts, cards and letters around the place for people to find.

I live with generalised anxiety disorder and PTSD and I know just how lonely it can be to struggle with the things that seem to come second nature to others. I’m usually about on Twitter if you need a chat - you can find me by looking up @pigletish OR by clicking here.

When I’m not banging the drum for mental health awareness, I can usually be found snuggling up to Doug, or outdoors somewhere without any shoes on. I enjoy reading and watching the rain and will occasionally venture into public places, but usually only if bribed with wine and/or noodles.

I am mad about Harry Potter (yes, I use the word mad occasionally - calm down) and am a proud Gryffinpuff. In the muggle world I am decent at writing and apparently painting - a hobby I recently fell back in love with - see my art here.

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Along with the other wonderful mental health campaigners who we are honoured to work with, we're trying to change the way the world sees mental illness. The most important thing to us is that nobody feels that they are alone and that everyone realises they have someone to turn to in their time of need, although we also hope that we get the opportunity to speak to some of the politicians and leaders who can make some real changes in the way the current mental health system works. We don't think it's right that anybody should have to manage their illness without the proper medical care and we'll do whatever we can to make sure that the future is a better one for anyone struggling with their mental health.


Series 1 Guests

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if you have a story to share with us, please consider getting in touch.