Hi. I’m Anneli. This is Pigletish.

Welcome to my site. It started in February 2017 as a ‘Mental Health’ blog, where I decided to document my journey to recovery from PTSD, following an abusive relationship. It took me a full month to actually share my blog with anyone, but the response has been amazing (overwhelmingly so at times).

I chose to call my blog Pigletish (pronounced Piglet…ish) because I always felt a strong affinity with AA Milne’s Piglet who, like me, is incredibly afraid of many things in life but always manages to trudge bravely on. As is the case with Piglet, the desire to be helpful and be there for the people I care about is one of the things that motivates me most.


I like talking about the things that I don’t feel we talk about enough. One of the big problems with having an Anxiety Disorder is that it can feel incredibly lonely. I try to put myself out there and admit to some of my darker thoughts in the hopes that when I ask “anyone else?” someone puts their hand up and we both get to feel less alone.

The blog took off in a way I didn’t quite expect it to and so I’ve been spending the last 2 years trying to change the way people talk about various topics. I’m especially passionate about reducing the stigma around mental health. I try to be as inclusive as possible and I pass the mic wherever I can find someone willing to take it off me. You won’t catch me telling someone else’s truth.

I’m open about the fact that I’m still learning and growing. I am not some refined ‘influencer’ or ‘internet personality’; my journey is still ongoing. I have made thousands of mistakes along the way and I hope I continue to make them because there is absolutely no quicker way of learning the hardest lessons.

My life hasn’t been easy. I lost my mum at 19 and it left me vulnerable to a bunch of situations that I wish I hadn’t had to go through. It hasn’t been easy but it has been worth it.

I have the best support network. I don’t say that lightly. I have the best support network. I have a beautiful dog; he makes me laugh every single day. I am deeply in love with my partner, who has been one of my closest friends since we were 14 (we’re sickeningly in love, it’s amazing!). My friends are the fiercest and most loyal people. I’m grateful to each and every one of them. I’m especially lucky to have Gill, Andrew, Billie, Lisa and Jen in my life. My family are one that I would choose in a heartbeat if I hadn’t been born into it. I’m lucky to count my Auntie Clare as one of my best friends and life’s soulmates. My family-in-law are among the sweetest people to have ever existed and I have the most amazing friends ALL OVER THE WORLD who are just a Tweet away. Some of you have held me through the toughest times and I’d fail miserably if I tried to name you - but you know who you are.

I recently wrote a book. It’s called “Don’t be a Dick” and is available to pre-order right now. It’s a collection of sweary philosophical essays, mostly about times I’ve been a dick and how you can avoid being as much of a tit as me. It contains a lot of valuable lessons about self care and being kind and tolerance and patience and acceptance. It’s going to be amazing, please buy it!

There’s only one thing I am more obsessed with than noodles and that is PODCASTS. I have a mental health series called “Pigletish” a podcast about the planet and equality and human rights called “The Human Bean” and I’ll soon have a chatty podcast I’m hosting with my tiny friend, Billie, which we’ll get to when it’s ready. I’m also in the process of relaunching my YouTube channel (soon, I promise) and recording some other audio projects so, if you want to hear my voice, there is plenty of me online for you to discover.

I think that’s probably enough about me for now, if you want to get to know me a little better Twitter is a good place to start and those of you who want to see my shoddy makeup skills (or just a thousand pictures of my dog) can follow me on instagram.

To hire me or collaborate with me, get me on anneli@pigletish.com